Extra Heavy Duty Vibratory Conveyors

Conveyor Dynamics is a leading manufacturer of vibratory conveyors and processing equipment. Whether you’re charging, feeding, transferring, screening, sorting, cooling or quenching, Conveyor Dynamics can develop a solution that will improve production and your bottom line.

At the heart of each machine lies Conveyor Dynamics’ proprietary Dyna Sync Dynamic Drive System™. This advanced technology allows us to build equipment that is quieter, more dependable, and more adaptable than traditional vibratory equipment. Plus, our gifted team of engineers and manufacturing specialists utilize a problem solving approach that has earned us an international reputation for efficiency, reliability, and performance.

NEW Slag
Quenching System

Turn Slag Waste into Money
To eliminate the high costs associated with slag handling and disposal, Conveyor Dynamics developed a system to convert typical slag into popcorn slag that is consistent in size and used by landscapers and other reuse customers.