Extra Heavy Duty Construction

If your application involves abrasive materials, abusive and/or impact loading, densities greater than 100 PCF, high capacities, or elevated temperatures, you need extra heavy duty conveyor.

What is Extra Heavy Duty

conveyorSimply put, Extra Heavy Duty is the sum of all the best conveyor technologies known brought together in one reliable machine. Plus, each conveyor we build is specifically designed and engineered for your application.

Most machines we build utilize a counterbalanced and isolated design that eliminates any second guessing about vibration transmission.

Next, all of our conveyors are constructed from high grade steel (up to two inches thick in some cases) and are structurally reinforced for added integrity. The chrome manganese steel drive springs and stabilizers form strong structural triangles which are forgiving under impact loads. The question for you is why risk your productivity and money on anything less than extra heavy duty?

Conveyor Dynamic's Conveyors also feature:

Who Needs Extra Heavy Duty Design

Our Extra Heavy Duty design technology works in the foundry industry. And in mining. In cement plants. As well as scrap metal, chemical, power, glass recycling, and forestry applications. Our conveyors are multi-functional, can be hooded for dust collection, and can easily be lined with anything required. If you have material that needs to be moved, screened, cooled, sorted, oriented, or dried in the most efficient manner possible, we have the experience and knowledge to make it happen.