Nickel Test

At Conveyor Dynamics, our material handling machines are so well designed and built, you can actually rest a nickel on its edge on the support pad while it is operating and the nickel won't move.

Can you do that on your existing machines? Grab a nickel out of your pocket and give it a shot.


The Conveyor Dynamics Difference

Our secret is our two mass, sub-resonant tuned natural frequency drive system. It beats the heck out of dated brute force and other high frequency drives. Combine that with our counterbalanced and isolated design and extra heavy duty construction, and you won't feel a thing. No more white caps in your coffee mug. No more blurred computer screens. You will, however, lose the automatic massage from your office chair.

Conveyor Dynamics has applied this technology to accumulating conveyors, charging systems, feeders, sorting conveyors, shakeouts, transfer conveyors, screens, and cooling conveyors. Because of the design, installation of one of our machines is simple. There is no need for special foundations and our equipment works easily on upper floors in a facility.